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Philosophy Of The School

At Shrishti International School we believe in developing a life-long love of learning in everyone who has anything to do with us ; children, parents, extended family members, staff, one-off or regular visitors whether community representatives or people bringing us deliveries.

We consider the time we have with the children very precious as these early years of school life will set in motion life-long habits, behaviors and expectations. We want them to enjoy coming to school as then they will be emotionally engaged during their time with us and leave us with a thirst for learning.

We want our school is filled with the sounds of success, recognizing the gifts that we believe God has given to all of us and celebrating the achievements of everybody who serves our school community.

At Shrishti International School we are committed to making this world a better place by modeling behavior which has a positive impact on school life, community life and the whole world. We want our children to make this world a better place during their Precious years with us and for the rest of their lives.