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Director Say's
Ankur Jaipuria

“Children of a country are its real assets, who need to be nurtured with great care.”

Education process has to be dynamic so as to absorb and keep abreast with all changes that are taking place in the field of science, humanities and teaching mythology. This is the first time your child will be stepping out of home and the shadow of your doting care, so its very important to ensure that he/she feels at home in what will be his/her first outside the home environment.

Abhishek Jaipuria

"Speak and teach the language of love and care"
Shrishti International School, we’ve taken special care to provide an environment that is stimulating and helps in your child’s overall growth. This is huge responsibility and we are extremely careful for our each word. Our every response gets imprinted on their raw and delicate mind.

Abhishek Jaipuria

Dear All

Happy to announce that we are channel partner to Smart planetaium. Smart Planetaium , to explore an opportunity for your students to change the way learn about Astonomy and the universe .

Come and be part of this amazing project and make a journey wonderful.


Thank-Yousmart planetarium